Made a daguerreotype.

Finally a sunny day in South Bend. However it was crazy hot. The first try was super fogged. This one was a little less fogged, but still not good. The heat outside fogs the plate during the development process. You develop the plate in the sun for a hour under a red gel. However is it a metal plate so when I let it sit in the sun for an hour it became so hot I could barely pick it up. I was happy to get a image though. Well tomorrow is another day.

Clean bike crank and cog

Have not cleaned it since I got it. Now I understand why people do it so often. It feels like a new bike again.

I will be making daguerreotypes soon!!

This is my fuming hood for making daguerreotypes. Yea its a fed-ex box and a dryer tube but it works. I thought it was pretty funny so I took this picture. No one worry I am not going to kill myself. I also feel like I should post it on this blog:

Eastman House Auction at Sotheby’s

I donated an old print to the Eastman House auction. It will happen on October 4th at Sotheby’s. My name is two up from John Baldessari which is pretty freaking awesome. Not sure how my¬† name got picked to be among such an elite group of people. Check it out.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

The first photograph I have made in 6 months.